Note taking apps

While the world is divided into people who favor OneNote and people who use Evernote, I stick with Google Keep. It’s not the point. It’s ok as long as you find the right note-taking app for you. Get one that you find easy to use and save your business thoughts, ideas, everything on there. I’ve certainly forgotten a lot that I thought “I’ll write down later”. Maybe not everything was a million dollar idea but I’m pretty sure if I saved them instantly, I would be better off today. If you don’t know where to start, go with Keep. It’s simple.


How to be happy

First, forget everyone else and focus on your personal happiness. Maybe it sounds egocentric but it’s true. No one can make you happy, not people, not things. You have to look inside yourself and find what makes you happy. And that will set off a chain reaction of happiness. I was searching for marriage advice and I heard that a lot of couples divorce because “their spouse didn’t make them happy anymore”. You know how ridiculous that sounds? Have you wondered why sometimes the same things that make you happy one day, don’t the other? Do you know what I mean?

Site’s almost set up

I hired a couple of freelancers to help me set up this blog properly and it seems we’re almost done. Do you have any comments or suggestions? Currently I’m working on categorization of the content I’m going to create. I’m sure it’ll make everything in the future.

So far I’m got life hacks, traveling hacks, cooking hacks, pocket gadgets, programs and apps, smart purchases and a few others. What do you think? It’ll take a while but I think for now it gives a nice structure for the site.


Gadgets. Gadgets. I love them.

Smart Ease is all about helping you make your life easier by making smart choices. Or, should I say will be because it’s only my first blog post. But at least that’s the dream I have today. And if you are wondering, no, I am not planning to make this a commercial site. It won’t be that kind of a blog. I’m not in here for the money. Although, I won’t mind if this site make me a couple of euros. Anyway, I promise everything I share it will be honest tips and advice.

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